Welcome to eatNutri.com

Providing freshly made, nutritious and yummy snacks at your doorstep is our motto and our ingenious eatNutri team continuously
works on novel ideas to ensure that you have a delightful snacking experience.

We prepare all your nutribites from super premium ingredients only after you place an order so rest assured that you are getting fresh products
made in a hygienic atmosphere. And what more, we have made sure our nutritious products are easy on your pocket.

Why eatNutri?

How it works?

You choose from the
wide variety of
lip-smacking, nutritious snacks
We freshly
cook your favorite
We pack them
in box & send to
your home or office

Super premium ingredients

Each bite of eatNutri contain super premium ingredients because we understand how important it is to avoid artificial ingredients that cause harm to our body. So rest assured that our products do not contain any:

  • Synthetic ingredients
  • Artificial colors or flavors
  • Synthetic chemical preservatives
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