Healthy living begins with healthy food not workouts

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Sedentary lifestyle and junk food culture have made our generation prone to several health issues together termed as lifestyle disorders. It will be hard for anyone to digest that our 5 inch long tongue is actually capable of impairing our 5 feet long body. Irregular and incorrect eating habits are not only making us look ugly but also making us physically weak and prone to illnesses. It’s important to lose the extra pounds, stay fit, become internally strong and improve our immunity as this is the ideal philosophy of healthy living. And healthy living starts from the kitchen not from working out at the gym.

Consider this reality of our lifestyle. You wake up late in the morning, so instead of cooking a high-fiber breakfast which will keep you energetic throughout the day, you grab a calorie rich sandwich or a buttery parantha or unhealthy cookies made out of maida flour. Busy working on deadlines, you are late for lunch, so you again opt for some unhealthy packaged junk food. Your next meal is your dinner, as you have no time for a snack in between. And as you haven’t eaten well during the day, you eat more than you should for dinner. You then sit and watch television and are off to sleep in an hour as it’s quite late. In no way is any amount of exercise going to compensate for such irregular eating habits and unhealthy food choice.

So, what exactly should one do to stay healthy? Exercise or follow a healthy diet? The fact is that although exercise has several benefits associated with it, when it comes to building a good immune system and improving the health of your organs, it is your diet that has a far bigger influence on the result. However, it is true that both diet and exercise are essential in order to stay in the pink of health. It’s just that, to begin with, food should be your main focus.

Completely revamping your lifestyle all at once is almost impossible and not even recommended as this generally leads to goal failure. So, start with just concentrating on what you eat. Resisting temptation takes a hell lot of strength. Give yourself time to acclimatize to this change in your lifestyle.

It is easy to figure out if your diet change is working for you. If you are eating according to a plan, and you notice that you are feeling healthier during that period, you are on the right track! But if your body is not adapting to the changed diet, you probably need to figure out another plan. Once you start enjoying the change in your diet, you can jump to the next level- exercise.