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story-imgWhen you are a working woman and a mother as well, you are bound to face the innumerable battles associated with adopting healthy eating habits in the family. Ask any working woman about it! Juggling between work and home is not easy and to top it is the guilt of not being able to inculcate the value of healthy living in the family.

Similar is the case with any homemaker. Managing all the household chores, taking care of children and elderly in the family, they can hardly squeeze out any time to ensure that their family eats healthy foods to stay fit.

Whether you are a working woman or a homemaker, the problem is the same. The realization that there is a paucity of ready-to-eat healthy food options for busy individuals who have to stay fit and energetic throughout the day, pregnant women and babies who need to eat nutrient rich foods, or the elderly who need to eat well to stay healthy, brought us together and that is how eatNutri.com, an online home-made food store, which delivers nutritious yet tasty food at your doorstep started.

Our motto is to share our research on a variety of healthy food categories and their nutritional value, slowly detaching the world from an unhealthy, unhygienic food habit. This very notion gave birth to our mantra ‘Enrich Your Health’.

Going by this concept, which is so close to our hearts, we at eatNutri.com make sure our customers get homemade, freshly cooked, nutritious, delicious and sumptuous snacks that help one stay energetic throughout the day. From infants to elderly, there’s something for everyone here and that’s what makes us distinct. Moreover, we believe that facts speak for themselves and hence we have also provided information regarding the nutritive value of our foods.

We promise to keep thinking up new ways to delight your taste buds, keeping your health at the top of our mind. Happy munching!

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