Know all about almonds

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  • Overview
  • Overview

    Almond, scientifically termed as Prunus dulcis is a species native to the Middle East and South Asia. While California grows 80 per cent of the world’s almonds today, Spain and Syria are among the other leading almond producers.
    Almonds are eaten raw or are toasted to make a crunchy snack. But apart from these two ways of having the wonderfully delicious nuts, there are several culinary uses of almonds. It is added to desserts, salads and ice creams. Almonds are also processed to make almond milk, which is considered to be very healthy and good for those with lactose-intolerance. In some regions almond oil is also used as a substitute for olive oil.
    The nutritional value of almonds has been known since ages. While there is a special place for almonds in Ayurveda, medicinal properties of almonds have also been popular in Greece and Italy. Almonds provide high levels of protein, vitamin E, magnesium, fiber, monounsaturated fat, potassium, and calcium. So, add these wonderfully delicious nuts to your regular diet and stay fit and fine.

  • Almonds for all
  • Almonds for all

    • Help in lowering bad cholesterol
    • Protect mucus membranes and skin from harmful oxygen-free radicals
    • Work as enzyme co-factors during cellular substrate metabolism
    • Help to reduce inflammation
    • Help to regulate blood pressure
    • Satisfy appetite, thus helping weight loss
    • Boost energy
    • Help to maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract
  • Almonds for Pregnant women and Nursing moms
  • Almonds for Pregnant women and Nursing moms

    • Helps reduce incidence of birth defects in babies
    • Stimulate healthy cell growth and tissue formation in fetus
    • Help in quick recovery after delivery
    • Increase amount of breast milk
    • Aid in healthy birth weight of your baby
    • Helps in building a strong teeth and bone
    • Vitamin B9 help in healthy formation of brain and central nervous system
  • Almonds for Babies
  • Almonds for Babies

    • Aid skin, bones and hair development
    • Help to heal wounds on delicate skin
    • Help in proper development of the nervous system
    • Good option for dairy products
  • Almonds for Fitness of Organs
  • Almonds for Fitness of Organs

    • Aid development and maintain health of brain
    • Provide strength and durability to bones and teeth
    • Help to keep the heart healthy
    • Strengthen the immune system
    • Help prevent constipation
    • Help fight diabetes
    • Treat dandruff, hair loss, and many such hair problems
    • Help to fight skin problems
  • Myths and Facts
  • Myths and Facts

    Myth: Almonds should be consumed only in winters

    Fact: Almonds are available and can be consumed throughout the year. There is no scientific proof that almonds cause body heat so you can have them in summers as well.

    Myth: Soak and peel almonds before you eat them

    Fact: Not at all. In fact it is the skin of the almonds which has the maximum fiber content and fiber is essential for regular bowel movement. Also, the skin of the almonds contains antioxidants. So make sure you don’t always avoid the nutritious skin.

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