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  • Overview
  • Overview

    Dates are fruits that grow on a palm tree scientifically named Phoenix dactylifera. This ancient fruit tree was grown in the Middle East but today, the date palm is grown extensively for its edible fruits in almost every continent that has warmer climate.

    Commonly eaten out-of-hand, dates are also chopped and used in a range of desserts. Dates are also processed into cubes, paste, spread, date syrup, powder, vinegar or alcohol.

    Dates are considered as one of the “fruits of paradise” in Islamic tradition owing to the innumerable health benefits associated with them. Deliciously healthy, they are loaded with a profound list of essential nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals that are highly essential for good health.

  • Dates for all
  • Dates for all

    • Provide instant energy
    • Aid digestion
    • Essential for good vision
    • Prevent and treat anemia
    • Protect against stroke and coronary heart diseases
    • Assure good bone health
    • Reduce allergic reactions and seasonal allergies
    • Improve sexual stamina, sperm count and motility
  • Dates for Pregnant women and Nursing moms
  • Dates for Pregnant women and Nursing moms

    • Potassium in dates helps in maintaining water balance during pregnancy
    • Helps in maintaining the blood pressure
    • Magnesium in dates helps in the formation of teeth and bones
    • Iron in dates prevents anemia in the child makes immunity stronger
    • Folic acid in dates prevents from dangerous birth defects
    • Fiber in dates helps in maintaining a healthy weight during pregnancy
    • It reduces the cholesterol levels and keeps you protected from infections
    • It helps your body stretches and grows to accommodate the baby
  • Dates for kids
  • Dates for kids

    • High amounts of vitamins and minerals in dates help in baby’s growth
    • Simulate growth of friendly bacteria in intestine
    • Liver protective properties in dates help in various diseases
    • Helps to reduce acidity and gastric ulcers
    • Helps in better teeth development
    • Helps in fast recovery in fevers
  • Dates for body organs
  • Dates for body organs

    • Keeps stomach in good health
    • Help regulate a healthy nervous system
    • Keeps the heart healthy
    • Stimulate growth of friendly bacteria in intestine
    • Reduce LDL cholesterol levels in body
    • Effectively control diarrhea
    • Prevent constipation
    • Strengthen bones and help fight osteoporosis
  • Myths and facts
  • Myths and facts

    Myth : Diabetics should not eat dates as they raise blood sugar levels

    Fact : Dates contain a high amount of natural sugars but they are actually a low-glycemic index food. They do not significantly raise blood sugar levels after they were eaten. Dates are ok for diabetics if eaten in right proportion.

    Myth : Dates should be eaten only in winters

    Fact : No. Dates can be eaten all round the year. They are warm in nature and thus perfect winter foods but they can also be consumed during summers as eating them only makes you healthier.

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