Know all about oats

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  • Overview
  • Overview

    Scientifically known as Avena sativa, oats are hardy cereal grains. Records state that oats were first cultivated in Switzerland in caves belonging to the Bronze Age. Oats have been recognized as nutritious human food only recently and the leading oat producing countries are Russia, Canada, United States of America, Finland, and Poland.

    Oats are consumed in different forms in different regions; they are either ground to flour, rolled or crushed to form oatmeal.

    An oat bran craze swept the world in the late 80s when a research revealed that eating bran could cure many heart diseases through its cholesterol lowering property.

  • Oats for all
  • Oats for all

    • Lower bad cholesterol levels and maintain proper lipid profile.
    • Lower the risk of colorectal and breast cancer
    • Help lower blood pressure
    • Beneficial for managing type 2 diabetes
    • Aid digestion
    • Improves immunity
    • Helps weight loss
  • Oats for Pregnant women and Nursing moms
  • Oats for Pregnant women and Nursing moms

    • Supply carbohydrates that it process into valuable energy
    • Dietary fiber helps regulate digestive system
    • Help in preventing certain birth defects
    • Help to maintain energy levels during pregnancy
    • Help to maintain healthy skin during pregnancy
    • Help to fight iron deficiency during pregnancy
    • Vitamin E in oats have excellent antioxidant activity which boost immunity
    • Vitamin B1 in oats helps in building proper nervous system in new borns.
  • Oats for kids
  • Oats for kids

    • Oatmeal promotes high energy and easy to digest
    • Reduce asthma risk in children
    • Lower risk of causing constipation in infants
    • High in vitamins such as vitamin E, B6, K, folate, thiamin and niacin
    • Vitamins presence in oat improve the overall immune system
    • Useful for building the bone due to calcium and phosphorous
    • Helps in increasing hemoglobin production
  • Oats for body organs
  • Oats for body organs

    • Keeps the heart healthy
    • It is thought to have soothing effect on the brain and nervous system
    • Oats boost liver health
    • Oats are crucial for healthy skin
    • Traditionally used to treat osteoporosis
    • Believed to cure urinary tract infections
    • Treat erectile dysfunction and impotence
    • Enhances sexual desire and performance in men and women
  • Myths and facts
  • Myths and facts

    Myth : Ragi is hard to digest

    Fact : The high fiber content of ragi leads to slower digestion and thus the only thing you should make sure while having ragi is to have lesser quantities.

    Myth : Those with lactose intolerance have hardly any option to fulfill their calcium requirements

    Fact : Milk and dairy foods are excellent sources of calcium but they are not the only sources. Many dairy free foods are also high in calcium for e.g. green vegetables, soy products like tofu, soymilk and millets like ragi.

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